SOBO is an International rock-n-blues project integrating American, Russian and Middle Eastern influences.

Based in the Holy City of Jerusalem, SOBO has an International Message of Freedom.

SOBO is legendary in Israel for its powerful and energetic mix of blues, rock, R&B and funk coupled with a unique sound of slide guitar.

SOBO does a variety of traditional blues classics and well known rock classics as well.

SOBO does their own original songs which have a bluesy flavor, and is constantly working to produce more.

Whether they’re playing a cover tune or an original, that SOBO “crunch” is ever present.

Assaf “Sammy” Ganzman – vocals, bass guitar
Daniel “Sobodan” Kriman – slide guitar, harmonica, back vocals
Tony Dee - drums
Tony Dee – drums

Assaf Ganzman – vocals, bass guitar

Was born in Haifa Israel in 1969.

His family relocated to New York city in 1972.

Assaf started to take guitar lessons at age nine.

When he was twelve he went to the studio and recorded an album of Beatles and Eagles covers.

After winning a local talent contest with an original song called “Witches Night Out”.

His carly influences were: The Rolling Stones, Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel and Aerosmith.

When Assaf was 15 his family moved back to Israel and situated in Jerusalem.

In those days Assaf was the singer of a local band called “Skoop” that did mostly pop rock covers, Dire Straits, Duran Duran, what can you say it was the 80″s…

At age 17 Assaf joined a local band called “China Black” wich had moderate seccess.

This band was responsible for getting him back to his Rock’n’Roll roots.

When he was 19 Assaf was drafted into The Israel Defense Force, where he was Drill Sergeant in a fighting unit.

After finishing his service with an honorable discharge he put together a band called “Noah’s Ark”. They played regularly at the UNDERGROUND in Jerusalem.

At age 22 Assaf moved to Nashville Tennessee to rejoin his friends from “China Black”.

While living in Tennessee Assaf was not active musically in any bands but did allot of listening and practicing.

At age 23 he moved to Darien CT for one year.

When he was 25 he decided to move back to Jerusalem, where he met Daniel Kriman and started playing blues.

They formed SOBO soon after. During this time Assaf also played in other local bands: Aliens, Blue Steel, Sammy Secret Soiree.

Today Assaf lives in Modein, he owns a chain of bars named Mike's Place Bars

Daniel Kriman – slide guitar, harmonica, back vocals

Was born in St. Petersburg, Russia in March 1973.Lives in Jerusalem, Israel.Began to play guitar at the age of 12. Had studied piano for five years. Could play trumpet as well.

Hi started his musical career in high school as a bass player.

In college his band “COSA NOSTRA” already appeared in some festivals in St. Petersburg, Tallinn and Moscow.

The biggest one was underground festival “Rock-Siroc” that took place in Moscow in 1991.

In the winter of 1992 Daniel made his move to the Holy Land. He found him self in Jerusalem that was covered by snow.

After the snow melted, Daniel began “busking” on the famous Ben-Yehuda St.

It was the time of the big wave of repatriation from USSR, and the streets began to fill up with musicians, so he was, actually, one of the first street musicians in Jerusalem.

In 1994 Daniel Kriman could’ve been seen in Mike’s Place for the first time. The rest is history

Tony Dee – drums

Tony Dee

Born in 1979, Tony started playing drums at age 9. He plays piano as well.

Tony started performing at age 13 and has been performing since in a variety of styles.

At age 15 he was introduced to Soul, Funk, RnB and the Blues and instantly took to it. From there he proceeded to learn Jazz, Fusion and Latin. Artists such Pat Metheny, Chic Corea and Miles Davis were a big influence.

Tony studied music at the world renowned Rimon School of Music.

Today Tony plays professionally full time in various high quality Israeli musical projects.

Past members

Eden Bahar - drums - 2015-2017
Eden Bahar – drums – 2015-2017
Elimelach “Fish” Grundman – drums – 2001 – 2014
Daniel Grishin -bass – 1996-1997
Ilan Lukatch - bass
Ilan Lukatch – bass – 1997 – 1999
Eli Srugo - drums
Eli Srugo – drums – 1997 – 1999
Gabriel Weisman – drums – 1999- 2001
Yuval Bachar - bass
Yuval Bachar – bass – 1999 – 2002
Moshe Asaraf - drums
Moshe Asaraf – drums – 2002
Sagy Ben Or – drums – 2008
Gady Schonfeld – drums – 2002, 2009
Barry Gilbert – keyboards, 2009
Moran Magal – keyboards – 2010
Gabi David - drums
Gabi David – drums – 2007
Yakov Muravin – keyboards – 2007, 2016